About Us

Who We Are:

Kawaii Care is a small, online, non-subscription surprise box and stationery shop founded by Joelle Allison and based out of Los Angeles, California.

Kawaii Care started out as an idea as result of our founder being hit and injured by a car in 2014. During the long recovery process Joelle saw the need for a little something to cheer people up everyday, especially when things are tough. She started out making custom gift boxes of cute items for young people in hospitals and eventually launched Kawaii Care as an online shop in 2017 aiming to bring a little joy to everyday life.


What We Do:

Joelle selects unique and adorable plush, pens, stationery, stickers, tapes and more from Japan, China and South Korea for Kawaii Care's surprise loot bags and boxes.As is our namesake, Kawaii Care items are inspired by the Japanese "Kawaii" culture and are cute in appearance. 

Due to the surprise nature of Kawaii Care items, stock is always changing and every loot bag and box is a limited edition collection of cheerful things to keep you smiling throughout the day.


Our Mascot: 

The Kawaii Care mascot icon is Joelle's late cat, Ollie. Ollie lived to be 20 years old and was a great source of comfort and happiness. He embodied the Kawaii Care spirit of love, ease and perseverance and is living on as the face of the company.